Revisiting old ideas

Bit of a weird time right now. For the first time in my career I feel like I am actually in trouble of not finding enough work to sustain my lifestyle. Not sure if that's really the case (I have yet to really start actively looking for jobs as I am currently busy with finishing old jobs), but it certainly feels that way.

I could probably write a whole blog post about how the landscape has changed and why the beginning of 2024 feels so challenging, but this post is not about that.

Instead, one of the things I'm pondering is to take this as a signal to bring my own ideas to life – I am fine, financially, at least for now and it could be a good time to be doing that – Crowdfunding does still seem to somewhat work and people may be able to shell out some money for really useful services.

I have a bunch of old ideas lying around, a wide bouquet of things and not all of these ideas aged particularly well, but some of them seem to be worth revisiting. And so that's what I'm doing. Looking at old notes, existing code, etc.

Thing is: I have been terrible at executing my own ideas for a long time. Depfu really is the first thing that worked, and I do credit Florian for being the force that keeps me going. I am relatively sure I wouldn't have been able to pull that off on my own. Well, maybe he would claim the same thing.

So, one of the things I am considering for these ideas is to put them out there and look for collaborators. I am not sure how one does that, but if the last few years have shown me something is that I am really great at working alone and also really bad at working alone on my own stuff.

I will probably describe some of my ideas here in later blog posts to see if any of them garner interest. I long felt that playing with the cards close to my chest might be the right thing so that people don't steal my ideas, but I do feel different about that now. Ideas are cheap. It's the execution that matters, and that's the hard part. If someone steals my idea and executes them, I can't really complain, can I?`

Anyway. Let me scan through these ideas and see if there's anything there that feels that it's still relevant in 2024.