Remote jamming

Last night, my {live:js} colleague Tim (aka NERDDISCO) and I did an experiment: Would it be possible to jam with someone a couple of hundred km away from you via the Internets?

The idea was to have a musician (moi) to stream audio data to a VJ (Tim) and then use that audio as input for modV and also stream the result live to the Youtubes or so.

Turns out you can.

Tim used OBS to do the capturing and the streaming. I think he got my audio stream via VLC and then used a virtual audio cable to feed that both into the brower for modV and OBS to marry it to the video feed.

Streaming audio only is a solved issue and I've been doing live streaming before. I have a icecast server and used a VST plugin in Ableton Live's master channel to send the audio to Icecast.

This was a fun experience and we plan to do this once a month now, so if you're interested in seeing this live, watch out for announcements.

Here's the result: