A studio!

I've been dreaming about this a long time but somehow the time felt right to make it a reality: I'm going to have my own studio space – Yesterday I finally signed the contract and helped building the stairs that lead up to the 40-ish square meters space in an old industrial building.

I say studio and you may wonder what I mean by that. In fact, I mean it in the broadest way possible. It will hopefully be my office. It will be a music studio of sorts (although for that I probably need to fix the accoustics in there quite a bit). It will be a workshop, and, quite possibly, a photo/video studio.

I wonder what will happen next. My hope is that this space will inspire me, because inspiration is definitely something I need right now. My hope is also that it makes a few things possible that I currently simply can't do for space reasons.

Before I can move in, I need to install a new floor into the room, because the old wooden floor in there has seen better days. So right now I need to be patient and wait for a couple of things to happen before I can finally move my stuff there.

It's going to be worth the wait.